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EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Station Installation

Would you like to be able to charge your electric vehicle at home? Installing a charging station may be worth the investment for the convenience and increased safety. At Mike’s Electric, our expert electricians can help you determine if an electric car charging station is right for your residence. We can offer you the most advanced EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) options on the market and install them for you.

EVSE Installation Process

There are many benefits to owning an electric car, such as reducing your carbon footprint on the environment and saving money on gas. Similarly, having your own electric car charging station is a wise investment. You can trust our team of trained electricians to help you find the right place for your equipment and to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

The installation process for an EV charger may include:

  • Inspection of all EVSE equipment
  • Inspection of the intended installation site
  • Upgrading the electrical system, if necessary
  • Installation of EVSE equipment
  • Ensuring equipment meets code and permit requirements
  • Inspecting equipment to ensure it works properly

Considering Buying an Electric Car?

If you have not yet purchased an electric vehicle but are considering doing so, we highly recommend it. Using an electric vehicle to get around, is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient forms of transportation you can choose. Now that it has become increasingly easy to have an electric car charging station, there are very few reasons not to make the switch. However, we are not electric car salesmen and are only here to assist you with the installation of the charging port once you make a decision.

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