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Outlet Installation

Have you been experiencing issues with your outlets or have you been told that it is time to replace your outlets? If so, the Long Beach outlet installation experts at Mike’s Electric can help. Many homes, especially those that were built several decades ago and have not been upgraded, are still fitted with outdated outlets.

Although many of these outlets do not experience issues, some have trouble keeping up with the demand for newer electrical appliances. At Mike’s Electric, our electricians can assist you with the repair and installation of new outlets.

Signs Your Outlets Need to Be Repaired

The most obvious sign of an outlet that needs repair is when you plug something in and it simply won’t work. However, there may be fewer indicators that an electrical inspection and repair is required. It is important that you never attempt to open an outlet yourself, as it can be extremely dangerous without the proper training and tools.

A Few Other Signs Your Outlets May Need to Be Repaired Include:

  • Sparks fly when you plug something in
  • Your devices aren’t working at full capacity
  • Plugs fall out of your outlets easily
  • Outlets are difficult to put plugs in or out of

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Outlets

Older outlets are not grounded, which means they are not as safe as newer outlets. They also have to work much harder to meet the demands of newer, high-powered devices and appliances. If you have noticed cords falling out of the wall or flickering lights, your outlets may be beyond repair and require replacement. When old outlets are left in place too long, it can lead to potential hazards like house fires or shock.

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